SAICA Handbook 2021/2022 Vol 2

SAICA Handbook 2021/2022 Vol 2

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SAICA Student Handbook 2022 Vol 2 is now packaged in 3 Volumes (Volume 2A(1), 2A(2) and 2B).

Volume 2A(1) contains the International Audit Standards Part 1.

Volume 2A(2) contains Parts II and II of the International Audit Standards.

Volume 2B contains the SAICA and IRBA Pronouncements, Auditing-related Legislation and King IV Report on Governance for South Africa.

Prescribed for senior South African auditing students by SAICA for the 2022 academic year and allowed to be brought in for open book examinations.


ISBN13 (SKU) 9780639014180
Title SAICA Handbook 2021/2022 Vol 2
Author SAICA
Edition 2022
Publisher Lexis Nexis
Publication Date 2022
Country of Publication South Africa
Format Type Physical
Institutions University of Pretoria ,UNISA, University of Stellenbosch , CA Campus, Varsity College
Course Codes BEL300, BEL751, BEL705, ODT200, ODT300, ODT705, ZAU4861, AUE4862, ZAU4862, AUE3702, AUE3701, AUE3761, AUE4861, NAU4861, NAU4862, AUE2601, AUE2602, AUDI7311, AUDI8419, AUE4861, AUE4862