How to make money as a student (without sending hundreds of DMs a day)

how to make money as a student

As a student, money is usually always tight. You don't have money to go out and have fun with your friends.

You've thought about offering tutoring, but it does involve a lot of time and effort.

You also don't want to do part-time jobs like babysitting because the pay can suck and it means you'll have less time to study and have fun.

Coming up with business ideas, or starting a small business, can also be a challenge. And finding campus jobs or some high paying internship which requires real work could negatively affect your university time and studies.

You might have researched how students can make money online (because everyone seems to be doing this), but you don't have a large Instagram following so influencing is out, and you also don't want to join some weird affiliate marketing programme (bugging random strangers with longwinded DMs and filling your Facebook profile with canned before-and-after stories about some magic new product).

No thank you!

How to make money as a student 

Luckily for you, we have a money making idea that is both fun and can be done while studying. No prior experience required, no special skills needed, and it's easy to get started.

All you need is to be a student!

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While you're making money, why not save too?

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