Graded Questions on Auditing 2024 (Not in Stock yet. Please see description)

Graded Questions on Auditing 2024 (Not in Stock yet. Please see description)

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The purpose of this book is to provide Auditing students with revision and practice questions. Solutions are available to prescribing lecturers.

Product Information

Title Graded Questions On Auditing 2024
Author A. Adams, T. Diale, G. Richard
Edition 2024
Publisher Lexis Nexis 
Publication Date 2023
Country of Publication South Africa
Format Type Physical 
Institutions UNISA, UMP, CUT, MUT, NWU, SOL PLAATJE, UniZulu, DUT, Mancosa, UNAM, WSU, NMU, Boston City Campus, Monash (IIE), VUT, UniVen, Wits
Course Codes

AUE3702, AUE3701, AUE3761, AUE2602, AUE2601, ODT200, LLP 201, INTA418, RSKM418, INFA418, INTA317, INTA327, INFA317, AUIC317, AUIC327, AUIC216, AUIC226, AUDI300/AUDT300/ADNG300/ATNG300, GEAR 371, GEAR 271, MAUD62116, Aud 2, RAAA401, BCG2111, RO4, PGDA ROD400, ROV301/351, HAUD230-1/ HAUD232-1/ HAUD331-1, Auditing C, Audit and assurance auditing III, Auditing II, (part time)Auditing III