The Law of Commerce in South Africa 3r Edition

The Law of Commerce in South Africa 3r Edition

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The Law of Commerce in South Africa 2/e provides a clear and practical introduction to various fields of commercial law, for students of accounting and other business disciplines. The text conveys concepts and principles of commercial law in a manner which is accessible and vibrant, clearly demonstrating the practical relevance and application of the legal principles in the commercial world. The text provides clear explanation and extensive illustrative examples to support understanding, as well as a clear pedagogical structure which includes end-of-chapter questions to assess comprehension.

Product Information

ISBN13 (SKU) 9780190753481
The Law of Commerce
Author D. Baqwa, E. De Stadler, S. Eiselen, J. Scott, S. Cornelius
Edition 3rd
Oxford University press
Publication Date 2020
Country of Publication South Africa
Format Type Physical
Institutions University of Pretoria , Varsity College
Course Codes KRG 200