Practical Insights For Fraud Professionals

Practical Insights For Fraud Professionals

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You face an overtly confident subject of a fraud investigation across the interview table and you think to yourself: Why is he so confident? Is it that obvious that I don’t know how to prove his guilt? There is no space left on your CV for another academic qualification and you’ve been doing this for a while now – why then do you feel so ill-prepared? You start to wish that you had the effortless guidance of your retired colleague. If he was here now, what gems of experience and tricks of the trade would he give you?

Product Information

ISBN13 (SKU) 9781485120308
Title Practical Insights For Fraud Professionals
Author Bristow, C
Edition 1st
Publisher Juta
Publication Date 2018
Country of Publication South Africa
Format Type Physical
Institutions University of Pretoria 
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