Practising Strategy: A Southern African Context 3e

Practising Strategy: A Southern African Context 3e

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The third edition of the book features a number of new chapters, focusing on strategy implementation and change management, resource allocation and responsible leadership. It also includes a more detailed coverage of managing strategic risk.

This publication focuses on strategy implementation and not just on the thinking and analytical aspects of strategic management.
It explores the idea that strategy is often emergent, messy and experimental, unlike other strategic management books, which unrealistically portray it as a neat, analytical and rational process.
It unpacks the recent concept that other strategists, not only just senior management, influence strategic direction.
It recognises strategy as something people do rather than something an organisation possesses. Since people are building blocks of strategy, it is a cognitive and political activity.
It uses primary research conducted among southern African top and middle managers and draws on these managerial perspectives to enrich the text with first-hand accounts of strategy experience.

Product Information

ISBN13 (SKU) 9781485132646
Title Practicing Strategy: A Southern African Context
Author P. Venter, T. Botha
Edition 3rd
Publisher JUTA
Publication Date N/A
Country of Publication South Africa
Format Type Physical
Institutions N/A
Course Codes N/A