Administrative Law in South Africa 3rd Edition

Administrative Law in South Africa 3rd Edition

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This book offers a comprehensive account of South African administrative law with an emphasis on judicial review of administrative action. First published in 2007, Administrative Law in South Africa was soon established as a leading scholarly work in its field. The first and second editions by Cora Hoexter both attracted a remarkable number of judicial citations with approval.

The updated third edition by Cora Hoexter and Glenn Penfold takes account of almost a decade of case law and commentary since the second edition appeared in April 2012. Although considerably expanded in length, the third edition retains the clarity and accessibility that characterised the first two editions.

The work is intended primarily for the subject specialist but will be appreciated by all who work with this branch of public law, including judges, practitioners, academics, students and administrators.

Product Information

ISBN13 (SKU) 9781485135289
Title Administrative Law in South Africa
Author C Hoexter
Edition 3rd
Publisher Juta
Publication Date 2021
Country of Publication South Africa
Format Type Physical
Institutions University of Pretoria, Varsity College 
Course Codes PBL310, PRAL6212
AVAILABILITY 7-8 Working Days