Private International Law

Private International Law

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The growing sophistication of South African private international law has become more evident in the years since the last edition. The Supreme Court of Appeal has delivered several important judgments which have had significant impacts on the law. Peregrines are now more readily subject to South Africa jurisdiction in several ways, and foreign judgments are now more readily enforced in South Africa. The problems of choice of law have not been neglected by the courts. The fundamental problem of characterization has been addressed by a perceptive and valuable judgment of the Supreme Court of Appeal, and there have been thoughtful judgments on many other areas including, for the first time, on choice of law in delict.

Product Information

ISBN13 (SKU) 9780702194221
Title Private International Law
Author CF Forsyth
Edition 5th
Publisher Juta
Publication Date 2012
Country of Publication South Africa
Format Type Physical
Institutions University of Pretoria, North West University, UNISA
Course Codes IPR410, IURE421