Public Economics 8th Ed

Public Economics 8th Ed

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Public Economics is a Southern African textbook which deals with the study of the nature, principles, and economic consequences of expenditure, taxation and financing, and the regulatory actions undertaken in the non-profit-making government sector. Written by respected South African experts, the new edition considers tax efficiency, administrative efficiency and flexibility, tax reform, taxation of wealth, a movement towards green energy, and the different views on equity. Information pertaining to budgets and legislation has also been updated.

Product Information

Title Public Economics
Author E. Calitz, K. Siebrits, T. Steenekamp, T. Ajam, A. Jansen, I. Stuart
Edition 8th
Publisher Oxford University press
Publication Date 2023
Country of Publication South Africa
Format Type Physical
Institutions University of Pretoria, UNISA
Course Codes EKN310, ECS3704