SILKE: South African Income Tax 2024

SILKE: South African Income Tax 2024

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The objective of this title is to provide a book that simplifies the understanding and application of tax legislation in a South African context for both students and general tax practitioners.

Product Information

ISBN13 (SKU) 9781776177318
Title SILKE: South African Income Tax
Author M. Stiglingh; A. Koekemoer; L. Van Heerder; S. Wilcocks ;P. Van der Zwan
Edition 2024
Publisher Lexis Nexis
Publication Date 2023
Country of Publication South Africa
Format Type Physical
Institutions University of Pretoria, UNISA, CA Campus, Varsity College, Akademia, NMU, Limpopo, VUT, NWU, SUN, Milpark, Monash (IIE), Regent Business, MUT, CPUT, UWC, WSU, IAS, Damelin, WITS
Course Codes

BEL200, BEL300, BEL751, BEL705, LTAX4820, LTAX4820, TAXN418, TAXA400, NTA4862, NTA4861, EBELA 370, EBELA 370, TAXC 372, TAXF 671, PGDA 673, TAX 765, MTX5902, TXA 755, MTX5901, TAXC 272, TAXF 211, PGDA 673, TAX4865, TAX4864, BEL 705, LML4804, TXA 201, 3rd year, BEL 200, BLR 310, TAX4861, TAX4862, TAX 801, Tax 388, Tax 399, Tax 778, Tax 2, Tax 4, Tax 3, ACT3730, Tax 228, Tax 318/328, Tax 3 CA  Stream